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My ear got all fat and floppy. It was annoying and I couldn't hear quite right because it wouldn't stand up so I could hear. And it kept bouncing around when I walked.

But I'm not sure that was so bad.

Yesterday, azurelunatic grabbed me while Mommy was away, rolled me up in one of those fuzzy things, that towel, and stuck me in the sink. Then she took a pin and poked my ear. I cried about it. Some thin blood came out and my ear felt a little less bad, but not much. THEN she SOAKED my ear with WATER! I cried about that some more.

This morning, after Mommy came home (I love you Mommy) she petted me.

Then she grabbed me and rolled me up in a towel. (I hate you Mommy.) I got almost all the way out, though.

So then azurelunatic wrapped me up. I hate how good she is at that. She makes it hard to get out. She says it's because she used to wrap up eris_raven all the time when she was a chicken.

They poked at my ear some more. It hurt. I cried. But they finally made a bigger hole than just a pinprick, and all this thin blood came out, and then my ear felt a lot happier. It's still all floppy, though.
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