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Places to Jump

The only noteworthy things of late have been this: the invader who sleeps with Mommy took apart the climbing thing that he, Mommy, and Mommy's kitten sleep on, and moved it into Aunt azurelunatic's den. Then eris_raven and I got to climb on it there. Now it's azurelunatic who sleeps in the bottom part, and we don't have to share the top part with Mommy's kitten! (A side note: how come Mommy's kitten is still a kitten? He should be an adult by now. It was great when we were kittens together, but... it's nice to have someone your own age to talk to.)

azurelunatic moved everything in her den, so of course we had to sniff everything. She put a lot of stuff in the top of the climbing thing, so it's not just all cushions anymore, it's hard stuff too. More things to sniff, of course.

There are boxes all over in the big den, and they're fun to sniff and hide behind.

There is a new sleeping thing in Mommy's den, and I like to sit on that. I like to purr and snuggle up to the intruder when he's purring and snuggling up to Mommy. Someday, I will have control of him, and he will pet me all day long.
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