Mean azurelunatic! She grabbed me, grabbed eris_raven, and shut us in the bathroom! What did I do wrong?

Then she came in and she WASHED US. With WATER.

I was good, and I just yelled about it. Eris was all freaked out and used claws, and Azz yelled about it.
dammit!, Wet

I don't get it.

If she doesn't want me to chase her, why does she keep waving her tail in my face?

Now I'm locked in Mommy's room, and mean old marxdarx isn't letting me out to play.
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Azz is mean.

eris_raven said it would be fun if we got to be in the same room after the humans closed the doors for the night (why they waste a perfectly good night with sleeping I'll never know) so we decided to lie down in azurelunatic's bathroom until she went to bed.

Then... oh man. What fun! We jumped on the bed and tussled there, we tussled in the bathroom, we tussled under the computer, we played hockey with the broom, we played with azurelunatic's dirty clothes...

And then, just when we were having the loudest fun -- she opened the door and threw me out. Well, I ran out before she could throw me. They're so predictable.

And then she didn't let me in, or let Eris out, even though I put my paws under the door and whined. Meanie.
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dammit!, Wet

Life hates me.

I thought azurelunatic was becoming susceptible to my mind-whammies, as I haven't had a bath in over a month. I heard eris_raven screaming as if under unspeakable tortures; I crept to investigate.

Then the fiend seized me, and washed me as well!

*snif* *snif*

What's that smell?

It smells like another cat.

It's not the cat that lives in Clover's clothes. It's not the cats that the big tall blond one smells like. It's not the cat that gets all over yaksha42's clothes. Who is it?

I heard somebody crying, and some water running.

Maybe I will find out soon.
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Mommy ate fish when she came home today. I could smell it. She ate it right in front of me when I climbed up so she could give me pieces.

Not like I care.

I wonder if there are leftovers in that tall blue bucket with the crinkly white stuff inside? It smells like there should be. There usually are. Maybe I can knock it over?
dammit!, Wet


My brother opened the door and I went outside! There were all sorts of interesting things to smell out there. I smelled the floor out there. It was interesting.

Then somebody started miaoing at me. While I was trying to figure out what they were saying, somebody grabbed me! It was marxdarx, and he put me back inside.

Dumb two-legged people get to go outside all the time. Why can't I? I used to live out there!
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