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shammash's Journal

13 May
I live in templeravenmoon with my Mommy votania, azurelunatic, marxdarx, my brother-with-two-feet, hot_chocolate the hard critter, lots of yummy things that live in the big boxes of water, and pretty little eris_raven, who is my best friend in the whole world.

I have black fur with grey stripes on my back, and white fur on my belly. Something bad happened to my tail when I was just a little guy, so the top half of it isn't there.

I love my mommy, and her altar is so cool to walk on. I sleep on my brother's bed. It's up high, so I have to jump. I like to eat my food, and bamboo leaves, and fish, and meat scraps. I don't like that green stuff, even though I sniff at it when azurelunatic is making some in the kitchen. eris_raven and I play together all the time, and we cry when we can't be together.